I started gardening a couple of years ago after my wife passed away. I figured it would give me the chance to grow some beautiful plants while keeping myself occupied and giving myself something to do. I am a member of several forums and I have gotten a lot of help from them, but I would really love to join one of the many gardening organizations that are out there. My problem is finding one that is worth the time. It seems like all of the ones I am running into are not very good at all.

There are some people I talk to from my social media gardening groups and I think that I will ask them for some advice. There is a gentleman that works with a Brainerd tree service in Minnesota, and he’s got a lot of landscaping a tree trimming experience that has taught me a lot of interesting things. I don’t want to take so much time trying to find an organization that by the time I do I will no longer have any interest. The next time I speak to one of the people I talk to the most, I will see if she has anything that she can share with me. It would be nice to join an organization that is filled with people who share the same interest.